The First Antivirus Script for Windows Live Messenger




This Month

Virus 4708
Phishing 724
Spam 462

Tired of all viruses which spread over Windows Live Messenger? WLM Safe is the solution!
It's the first Messenger Plus! Live's script that add security functions to your Windows Live Messenger giving you protection against the most important malwares which spread through it.

Main Functions:

- Anti-Virus: detects and blocks infected links sent by virus in conversation windows.
- Anti-Phishing: detects and blocks phishing links sent by virus in conversation windows.
- Anti-Spam: blocks annoying spam messages sent by your contacts.
- Anti-Flood: detects flood attacks and block the authors.
- Anti-Freeze: block messages that make old messenger's versions crash.
- Anti-Copy: notifies you if one of your Messenger's contacts copy your Nickname.
- Anti-Bot: notifies you if you're chatting with a Bot.
- Anti-Hackers: notifies you if you're chatting with an Unsafe contact.

Also Includes:

Threats Registry - Optional, logs all threats received.
Sounds - Optional, play sounds on popup notifications.
Auto-Update - Optional, the script auto-updates.

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